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Discover Tunisia: Djerba

Called the island of the Lotus Eaters, Djerba is located south-east of Tunisia. Connected to the mainland by a causeway and Roman tub is one of the landmarks of Mediterranean tourism.
Its modern and comfortable hotels, its exceptional places to walk, its superb white sand beaches, mild climate, its leisure and relaxation, sites and extraordinary landscapes, make it a must-see destination.
The history of Djerba dates back to the time of Odysseus who have crossed. Romans, Jews, Christians, Vandals, Byzantines and Arabs founded counters, cities, religious sites that are now the richness and diversity of this island that has managed to perpetuate its authenticity, its traditions and culture.
Located at 3am flight average major European capitals, Djerba is easily accessible thanks to the numerous daily flights operated by Sevenair from Tunis to its international airport.
With more than 130 hotels with a capacity of about 50 000 beds, Djerba is averaging 1.5 million tourist arrivals per year.

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